Although purchasing a new yacht or a private aircraft may allow you to write off the interest payments on your "second home," hiring a real estate attorney to conduct the transaction may not work out in your favor. The fact is, many attorneys are not familiar with maritime law. The unique challenges inherent in this field of law demand the skills of a lawyer who is as dedicated to maritime and aviation interests as you are.

Reach Your Destination Safely with Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC


At Bohonnon Law Firm, our Connecticut admiralty attorneys are a fourth-generation law firm with a 100-year family tradition of legal service to the state of Connecticut, the cities of New Haven and Westport and the maritime community. We focus on assisting clients with:

  • Purchases and sales of marine vessels and aircraft
  • Structuring ownership
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Employment issues
  • Charitable donations
  • Insurance issues
  • Salvage claims
  • Customs issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Issues related to the construction of new vessels
  • State and federal tax issues
  • Civil litigation
  • Financing and escrow
  • Personal injury claims
  • Regulatory issues
  • Maritime liens
  • Ownership succession
  • Warranty claims
  • Criminal and Civil Asset Forfeiture Issues

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