Experienced Help In Resolving Trust Disputes

Trusts are common estate planning tools. Trusts are usually established either to save taxes or to provide for the management of a loved one's inheritance. A spouse, child, grandchild, niece or nephew, other family member or even friend can be the beneficiary of a trust. The person creating the trust desires to provide a benefit to a loved one, but prefers that a financial institution, professional or other individual manage the trust assets and make distributions to the beneficiary or beneficiaries.

The Solutions You Need In Trust Actions

A beneficiary or beneficiaries of a trust may disagree with the actions and conduct of the trustee. These disagreements often relate to one or more of the following:

  • The amount of trust distributions to the beneficiary
  • Preferential treatment of one beneficiary
  • Losses related to the investment of trust assets
  • Trustee fees or expenses
  • Self-dealing by trustee
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Mismanagement of trust property
  • Inadequate income generated by trust
  • Poor tax planning
  • Fraud

At the Bohonnon Law Firm, attorneys Timothy Crowley and Wynne Bohonnon provide experienced counsel in trust disputes for people throughout the United States and abroad who have interests in trusts located in Connecticut or New York. Our firm is dedicated to representing and protecting the interests of trust beneficiaries.

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Attorney Timothy Crowley has considerable experience representing clients in trust disputes. Attorney Wynne Bohonnon is a seasoned litigator who works with Mr. Crowley to resolve cases of trust disputes. Contact us online or call 203-787-2151 to schedule an initial consultation.