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Legal Help For Victims Of Boating Injuries

Boating injuries are different from other personal injury claims for a variety of reasons. If the accident occurred in open water offshore, sometimes it can be hard to determine who has jurisdiction. Other times, people do not know whom to name in an action because they may have been renting a vessel that is operated by one company but the boat itself is owned by another entity.

However the accident occurred, it is important to consult an attorney who can help you sort through all of these issues and help you assert your legal rights to recover fair compensation for your injuries, damages or loss. At Bohonnon Law Firm, we handle every type of boat injury case from wrongful death lawsuits to pleasure boat accidents that result in an accidental drowning. If you believe you have a legitimate boating injury case, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Helping You Recover The Compensation You Need

Our attorneys routinely represent boat owners who have been accused of causing an injury, as well as people who have been hurt and are pursuing compensation. Since we are familiar with both sides of the law, this enables us to view the situation from all angles and greatly helps us anticipate strategy and how to structure a strong case for our clients.

We know how to amicably resolve cases involving friends where one was hurt on another’s boat or Jet Ski. We also handle cases that involve a boat colliding with a pier and injuring people on the boat or the dock. Whether the accident occurred because of a design defect related to the boat, such as faulty brakes, or because someone failed to operate the watercraft correctly, our lawyers will help you explore and assert your options.

Cruise Ship Injuries

If you were a passenger on a cruise ship and sustained an injury that you believe was due to the negligent or reckless behavior of another, it is critical you contact us soon after the trip ends and you disembark. When you purchase a cruise ship ticket, the terms and conditions of the ticket shorten the time you have to file a claim against the cruise ship company. We can quickly help you assess what your options are and devise a plan to move forward that takes into account the timelines and your ultimate objectives.

Contact Us If You Or A Loved One Was Injured Out At Sea

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