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Are you a fisherman or crew member who has been injured at sea? Are you a passenger who has been hurt in an accident that occurred on a ship or other vessel? Are you thinking about filing a maritime personal injury claim?

At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, we understand the risks involved in working and playing at sea. Whether your accident occurred while on the clock, or you were a passenger injured in a boating or yachting accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

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Common Injuries Handled By Our Attorneys

Our attorneys have years of experience representing those injured in maritime accidents. We understand that sea injuries can cause permanent damages and a lifetime of suffering. That is why we are focused on aggressively seeking compensation for our clients.

Fishermen, seamen and other maritime workers are at high risk for maritime injuries. These injuries can involve machinery and equipment injuries, slip-and-fall injuries and more.

For passengers, almost any accident that can happen on land can also happen at sea. Cruise ship accidents, marine collisions, fires and explosions are all real threats facing passengers of yachts, boats and other marine vessels.

We Understand The Complexities Of The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal law that provides compensation for injured maritime workers. It provides coverage to fishermen, seamen and other maritime workers who have suffered work-related accidents on boats, ships or other vessels. If an individual has been killed on the job at sea, family members may also be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act.

At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers have helped hundreds of injured maritime workers from around the country receive compensation for work-related injuries. Jones Act claims differ significantly from general workers’ compensation claims. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the Jones Act and are committed to applying that knowledge in fighting for clients’ rights.

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