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International Representation In Maritime And Admiralty Law Cases

At Bohonnon Law Firm, we represent a wide variety of clients from coast to coast, providing legal services designed to help them achieve their goals.

While our attorneys have vast experience handling admiralty and maritime law matters, we also provide quality services in a variety of legal fields. Contact us online or call 203-787-2151 today to learn more about any of the legal services listed below.

Our Primary Practice Areas Include:

Yacht and aircraft acquisition — Liability analysis, choice of entity, business formation, ownership succession, taxation and more

New yacht construction agreements — Including experience with U.S. and international marine construction contracts, financing and escrow concerns, employment agreements and more

New watercraft purchases — Contract negotiation, financing, loan issues, warranty problems, dealer disputes, tax matters, delivery issues and more

Manufacturing, warranty, engine design and dealer issues — Warranty defect issues, structural integrity, yacht design issues and more

Yacht and aircraft financing, escrow and marine lenders’ and borrowers’ matters — Security issues, buyers’ representation, escrow management, lenders’ counsel services provided for worldwide banks, aviation law and more

Disputes involving recreational, commercial and marine vessels — Products liability claims, warranty issues, consumer fraud cases, marine environmental issues, salvage claims, employment contract disputes and more

Regulations permitting docks and seawalls — Representing clients in permit and enforcement matters arising from state and federal regulations and law

State, federal and international tax matters: Aircraft and yachts — Second home interest deductions, suitability analysis, capital gains tax concerns, federal income tax analysis, sales and use tax considerations, international value-added tax and more

State income tax, residency and domicile issues — Information about residency requirements and tax issues and how they apply to Connecticut nonresidents

Maritime arbitration, litigation and appeals — State and federal mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals services related to tax disputes, boat collisions, insurance disputes, personal injury claims and more

Maritime personal injury – Jones Act — Including workers’ compensation for injured maritime workers, fishing injuries, machinery and vessel equipment injuries and more

Fishing industry representation — Representing oyster, lobster, shellfish, and other fishing industry owners and operators for accident claims, regulatory compliance and other issues related to their industry

Representation for yacht brokers — Assistance with the terms and conditions of buy-sell claims, representation in consumer fraud cases, regulatory concerns and more

Yacht and mega yacht management — Yacht ownership representation in negotiations, tax planning, regulatory documentation, customs issues, safety concerns, terminal contracts and more

Boating injuries — Injuries or deaths occurring on cruise ships, accidents involving recreational watercraft, boating injuries, pleasure boat collisions

Piers, docks, maritime construction issues —Insurance policies, zoning matters, premises liability claims, construction contacts, damage claims and more

At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, We Also Help People With The Following Areas:

Corporate law — Maritime commercial issues and contract disputes, business transactions, business formation and tax planning


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