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Addressing Income Tax And Asset Issues

States are getting more and more aggressive in their pursuit of income tax. The present economy encourages states to impose heavier income taxes on both residents and nonresidents. People who own homes, businesses, boats or planes and travel between states — even with no official connection to that state — can get taxed.

Do you need legal services regarding tax issues? Contact Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, to find out more. Our lawyers have significant experience in handling audits, appeals and tax litigation for state income tax matters.

100-Year Legal History In Connecticut

For over 100 years, Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, has been providing residents of Connecticut and the entire Eastern Seaboard with solid legal representation in maritime law. We have significant experience working with auditors, tax accountants and tax lawyers in advising clients how to minimize state income tax exposure on their assets, including yachts and aircraft.

Taxable nexus — the contact required between a state and a taxpayer to allow taxation — has become broadly defined in the eyes of state taxing authorities. States are becoming more aggressive, taxing those who simply have assets within the state. Our lawyers have extensive experience in tax planning. We can assist clients facing tough state income tax issues.

Residency And Domicile Issues

When an individual lives in a yacht or other sea vessel, or travels from place to place with no official residency, under what jurisdiction is he or she governed? At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, we handle tough questions having to do with residency and domicile issues.

Our lawyers have thorough knowledge of residency requirements and are ready to assist clients concerned about how income tax law applies to them.

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