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Legal Guidance For Dock And Seawall Regulations

At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, we help clients obtain permits for docks, seawalls and piers, and assist them in meeting state and federal compliance.

For over 100 years, our law firm has maintained its solid reputation in maritime law throughout Connecticut and all along the Eastern Seaboard. Today, we are committed to providing solid legal representation to waterfront property owners.

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Dock And Seawall Permits And Enforcement

Many factors need to be considered when dealing with dock and seawall permits, including wetlands, marine life and coastal resources.

Whether you are building a dock or seawall — to comply with regulations involving a business, restaurant, home or any other property — our attorneys are prepared to guide you through the process.

Ensuring State And Federal Compliance

Our attorneys represent clients dealing with enforcement matters arising from both state and federal regulations. We handle cases with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Connecticut Department of Environment and others to ensure compliance with local inland wetlands commissions and harbor commissions.

We represent clients in obtaining wetlands permits under the Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act. With a thorough understanding of regulations involving inland and tidal waters and wetlands, we offer comprehensive services to clients dealing with these permitting issues.

We also handle appeals and proactive compliance.

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