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Protecting The Interests Of Yacht Owners In Warranty Disputes

Does your yacht have a warranty defect issue? Do you have a dispute with a manufacturer? Do you have an issue with a structural component of your yacht? Are you dealing with an engine design defect?

Backed by a 100-year history of legal service in New Haven, Connecticut, the lawyers at Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, focus on assisting clients throughout the world with their maritime law needs. If you are having issues with the manufacturer’s warranty or engine design of your yacht or boat, or if you have a dealer issue, contact us online to arrange a consultation.

We Have A Passion For Yachting And For Maritime Law

At Bohonnon Law Firm, LLC, we share our clients’ passion for yachting. Combining that passion with our zeal for maritime law, we help our clients realize their dreams of owning a yacht. A yacht construction defect or yacht warranty issue can be complicated, requiring considerable time and money — contact an attorney at Bohonnon Law Firm today.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing yacht and boat owners dealing with all types of manufacturing and warranty issues. We have represented clients in a variety of disputes between manufacturers, suppliers and aftermarket purveyors.

We Understand Yacht Construction And Know How To Pinpoint Problems

To effectively represent yacht purchasers and owners, it is necessary to understand the mechanical and structural components of a yacht. Along with their thorough knowledge of yacht engineering, our lawyers are also familiar with the composite elements of yachts and boats. Our attorneys have experience handling issues involving plastics, laminates, fiberglass and more.

We frequently consult expert witnesses to enhance our clients’ cases. We work with engineers, yacht designers, naval architects, marine engineers, marine mechanics and composite experts.

Contact Us For Help With Yacht Manufacturer Defects And Warranty Issues

If you have a boat or yacht construction problem, a yacht warranty issue, have experienced a structural defect or have had an issue with a yacht dealer, contact us online or call 203-787-2151 to schedule a consultation.