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Representation For Owners And Operators In The Fishing Industry

The fishing industry is a vital part of our economy along the Eastern Seaboard. Not only does it employ many people but also, the seafood products that the fishing industry sells to all types of vendors are enjoyed by people throughout the country. As a member of the fishing industry it is important to protect this livelihood by protecting yourself and seeking proactive legal counsel.

Our lawyers at Bohonnon Law Firm in New Haven, understand all the state and federal issues that need to be considered in order to have a safe and successfully operating business. We pride ourselves on helping clients through every legal intricacy and overcoming obstacles as they arise. Contact us online today to learn more about our services.

We Understand The Needs Of Fishermen And Business Owners

We frequently help owners and operators in the fishing and shell bed industries who are facing the following situations:

  • Fishing boat accidents involving another vessel, a dock or pier
  • Lobster boat accidents
  • Clamming accidents
  • Oystering injuries
  • Safety issues
  • Regulatory issues and compliance
  • Defective design claims for equipment and boat construction

We are skilled at representing people bringing a personal injury action who have been hurt while working on a boat or have been hurt due the negligent operation of a fishing industry boat. This includes helping families pursue wrongful death lawsuits for fatal accidents that have occurred in any of these situations.

We can make sure that your business runs smoothly by helping negotiate your contracts with dealers to buy new watercraft, maintenance needs and financing. Our firm is committed to preserving the fishing industry and protecting the people who work in this industry.

Our Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Commercial Fishing Legal Services

At Bohonnon Law Firm, we began serving this area 100 years ago in maritime and admiralty law. We are proud of the way our legal service to Connecticut has expanded to encompass the international fishing industry. We would be proud to help you as well. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation so we can start helping you.