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Protecting Your Interests In Boating And Yacht Transactions

Buying a boat can be a complicated transaction. Most boats and yachts are custom built and involve a number of decisions that will greatly affect its use, value, construction and delivery.

If you want skilled and experienced representation when it comes to handling all of these issues, turn to the fourth-generation, family-owned Bohonnon Law Firm. With offices in Westport and New Haven, we are here to help people from around the world navigate every part of buying a boat of any size and style. Contact us online today to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable lawyers.

Help With Every Aspect Of Boat Purchase Agreements

From researching what watercraft fits your needs and finding an appropriate dealer, to helping ensure delivery occurs timely and to your specifications, we can help you with every aspect of a boat purchase, including:

  • Boat construction is explicitly stated and conformed to in the contract
  • Boat equipment meets safety regulation standards
  • Negotiating lending and loan documents with appropriate banks, creditors or other financing entities
  • Employment contracts for the crew who will operate the vessel
  • Arranging contracts for where the boat will be stored, marina agreements, maintenance boat contracts
  • Ensuring boat delivery does not encounter problems at customs, international law problems, or international taxation issues if your small ocean liner, yacht or boat is built overseas
  • Claims associated with damage to property or other watercraft by your boat while you own it, even if you were renting it out or it was being chartered

Working To Ensure A Smooth Transaction

We frequently handle all aspects of boat contracts as a referral for attorneys who have all types of high-profile clients. People come to us because of our experience in this area and relevant contract law, and because we are happy to help make the transaction as smooth as possible.

If a dispute does arise, such as a boat contract dispute or breach of contract, we are prepared to use any option available to resolve the situation, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation or contract litigation.

Contact Our Attorneys If You Are Considering Investing In A Boat Or Yacht

We help people from all over the Eastern Seaboard with their boating contract needs. Contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today, or call us at 203-787-2151.